All American Boy Film

AllAmericanBoy-addtocartALL-AMERICAN BOY
Written and Directed by John Truby
(DVD format, $12.99)

Since Gettysburg they were a family of soldiers. One hundred years later all that is about to change. A story of one son’s courage.

Young Jim Green, an All-American boy, is eager to follow his father’s dream. But when the time comes to join his father, Jim must find a new kind of courage, a courage that tests the love between father and son and threatens to bring their house down around them. Both will have to make a great decision that could cost them their lives.

John Truby is the writer/director of All-American Boy, a family drama set in the turbulent times of 1960s’ America.  It received the Best Dramatic Film (Gold Special Jury Award) at the Houston International Film Festival and was nominated for Best Picture at the Hollywood Film Festival.  The Hollywood Reporter raved, “All-American Boy questions the Vietnam War as a way to contemplate a more personal and perennial crisis – what happens to the relationship between fathers and sons when an irrevocable split in values occurs.  Writer-director John Truby takes a hard yet loving look at this eternal drama and makes it personal, intelligent and consistently engaging.”