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Connie Martinson on PBS TV Discussing John’s book,THE ANATOMY OF STORY|
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“Truby’s screenwriting class is a totally new system…. a course that allows a writer to succeed in the fiercely competitive climate of Hollywood.” – American Film Institute

“Hollywood’s premier storytelling and screenwriting instructor…the man who trains Oscar winning screenwriters.” – Alberta Buzz

“John Truby is the Writing Guru…” – The Los Angeles Times

“One of the most highly respected and sought-out screenwriting instructors.” – LA Screenwriter

“The acclaimed screenwriting guru…” – Austin Chronicle

“Truby provides [principles] both to elicit and keep track of the multitude of ideas and details that emerge in transforming the first vague musings into the finished project.” – The New York Times



Nov./Dec. 2012 issue of the WRITERS GUILD MAGAZINE, Written By. The “In the Blogosphere” column by Todd Aaron Jensen on page six recommends eight blogs,  including John Truby’s movie breakdowns — “Between big studio and power agency gigs, this platoon of writers represents some of the best screenwriting blogs today.” Here is the description of John’s blog:

Launched a dozen years ago by screenwriting guru and major studio consultant John Truby, this blog takes a film studies approach to storytelling, looking at the creative and commercial concerns of contemporary films and television series. Updating monthly, Truby “looks under the hood” of a current production, “not to decide if it’s good or bad, but to explore the craft and technique a writer uses.” Resulting pieces are uniformly useful for screenwriters, but edifying for film buffs too, as Truby deconstructs THE HUNGER GAMES to its Greek roots, emphasizes the enormous import of location in an entry on DOWNTON ABBEY, and explores how comic journeys are more important than great jokes in today’s global marketplace. “I’m hoping my blog doesn’t just make better writers, but better audiences as well.”

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