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Why Most People Fail At Screenwriting by John Truby


Hollywood Today Is Not Known For Originality by John Truby


The Biggest Reason Why Writers Fail At The Premise by John Truby


The Major Difference Between Professional And Amateur Writers by John Truby


The Secret To Overcoming Writer’s Block by John Truby


How To Surprise The Audience by John Truby


Frank Darabont and Screenwriting Gurus by John Truby


The Audience Is Smarter Than We Think They Are by John Truby


How Do You Tell A Great Story? by John Truby


The #1 Most Important Element In Developing Character by John Truby


How To Make An Audience Care About Your Characters by John Truby


How To Get Your Script To Stand Out Amongst A Crowd by John Truby


Story Elements Found In Blockbuster Films by John Truby


Benefits Of Reading Scripts And Watching Movies by John Truby


Misconceptions About Rewriting by John Truby


Screenplays With Multiple Storylines


How to Introduce the Characters in Your Story


What happens when you finish writing a story, but you’re not happy with it?



Anatomy of Story — Premise & 7 Steps


Anatomy of Story — Plot


Anatomy of Story — Oppositions



Making A Living As A Screenwriter by John Truby


It’s Impossible To Predict What Will Be Commercial by John Truby


Selling Your Screenplay by John Truby



Connie Martinson on PBS TV

Discussing John’s book, THE ANATOMY OF STORY


Part One — Premise, Desire, & Weakness/Need  


Part Two — Implementing Fake Allies & Using the Double Reversal


Part Three — Getting the Story Right


Part Four — The Story World


Part Five — Character’s Mindset

FRANCE – Entretien avec John Truby –


French press interview with John Truby