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The only screenwriting software that gives you a great story, in a fraction of the time, while you write your script.
New Features of Blockbuster 6
• Native Mac OSX and Windows version
• New look
• New redesigned Draft page with details from up to 3 genre structure steps attached
• The ability to work in 3 genres simultaneously
• Redesigned Navigation tree for easier navigation
• Updated Character List page
• Reorganized Help system that gives you exactly the information you need to write your best story, while you’re writing
• More powerful Scene Weave screen




6 Easy Steps to a Great Script
• Premise and Genre screens show you the “gold” of your idea and which genres are best for expressing it.

• Create your story strategy and defeat story problems at the beginning.
• Find what is truly original in your story and execute it professionally.
• Character Web and World screens help you create complex characters that grow over the course of the story and move the reader.

• Compare your characters’ wants and needs so all characters are unique and well-rounded.
• Connect all the character and story elements under the surface in a seamless whole.
Blockbuster Screenwriting Software Character Web
• The Plot screen takes you through the 22 Building Blocks of every great story, giving you a surprising plot that builds steadily from beginning to end.

• Banish 2nd Act problems forever with the most detailed plot map ever created.
• Use one of 8 story shapes to clarify the path of your story.
Blockbuster Screenwriting Software Plot Screen
• The “drag and drop” Scene List lets you figure out the ideal sequence in a fraction of the time.

• Tag each scene with one of the 22 Building Blocks of every great script to find the right structural order for your scenes.
• Create story strategies to bring each scene to life.
Blockbuster Screenwriting Software Scene List
• Rewrite shows you the deep structural weaknesses that are likely to be in your script and takes you through the best order for fixing them.

• Identify the story mistakes you’ve made from a checklist of possible weaknesses or write your own, scene by scene.
Blockbuster Screenwriting Software Rewrite Screen
• The most extensive coaching system for writers ever created, including, in text form, Truby’s complete 22 Step Great Screenwriting Class.

• 6 major help areas to explain every aspect of the storytelling craft.
• Over 100 story examples on screen and online to solve any story problem you might encounter.
• 8 story shapes to show you how to build the perfect plot for your unique idea.
•103 Greatest Characters in fiction to help you craft a great character of your own.
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Windows 7, 8 or 10  (Minimum monitor resolution: 1280 x 800).


Action is the epic hero, the one who changes a nation, who saves the day, no matter how strong the enemy. The best action stories have tricky plots, complex characters and a profound effect on the audience. Comedy is the single most successful story form. But one reason comedy is so difficult is that it has at least eight different structures, each with very different story beats. If you approach comedy as a professional, you can become one of the few writers to work steadily in this popular form.
The battle against crime is the never-ending war in the modern city. Crime is fast, loud and hip. The cat-and-mouse struggle between those committing crimes and the cops who fight them will always fascinate the worldwide audience. This form is about the unending search for truth, the struggle to claw through the facades, lies and misdirection of the master criminal. The best detective stories not only sequence the clues to the crime, they also set up an elaborate smoke
screen to fool the detective and the audience.
Fantasy is an extremely popular genre worldwide, and not just with kids. It’s the form that makes the audience feel terrific, where suddenly everything seems possible. Fantasy allows us to break free not just from physical slavery or professional drudgery but also from a stiffness of the mind and a death of the spirit. The Horror story can be very predictable. Monster chases, hero flees. But your job is to get inside the form so you can do something different that blows people away. The most popular horror stories take the audience into the realm of what is truly horrifying in everyday life.
Love is the only genre where you need two equally well-defined main characters. It has a plot where surprise must come out of intimacy. And it has a plot that should naturally take only 10 minutes. But you have to fill two hours and make the audience not only see the love but feel it, want it, and demand that it happen. Writing a Masterpiece means creating complex characters, inventing your own story structure, tracking complex moral arcs and expressing the big themes. If you want to write the most ambitious story possible, and stand above the crowd, you need to know the advanced techniques that only the masters use.
Writing your Memoir is the single best way to find meaning in your life and share it with others. But it is a surprisingly difficult story form to do well. Using John Truby’s simple but powerful “10-10-10 System,” your personal experiences will turn into a compelling life story that everyone wants to see. Myths show us archetypal characters and life changes that transcend cultures. And the myth form is the basis of more blockbuster films and novels than any other genre by far. The trick is to use one of the ten new myth forms that will change popular storytelling for the next two decades.
We love Science Fiction because it is so creative, down to the very last detail of the story world. The best science fiction shows social and universal evolution on the grandest scale. You are the sorcerer, predicting and imagining the natural and techno forces changing our world right now. Thriller is one of the most popular genres because it combines the criminality and surprise of the detective with the danger and pressure of horror. A good
thriller puts the hero in trouble early and never lets up. But thrillers can be tricky because you have to create a lot of plot in a small space with just a few characters.
Sitcoms are NOT about stringing together a lot of jokes. They are comic short stories with a unique structure. If you learn how to create the powerful sitcom story engine, you can succeed in this lucrative form. Year in, year out, the best dramatic writing in America is found on television. But this medium has hit shows in all the major genres. A successful TV writer must know all the beats of every form as well as how to break stories like the best in
the business.

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I think of all of them Truby’s the best… his stuff cuts the deepest, and allows you to develop the most detailed structure and outline of any of the teaching methods.”
Larry Wilson, co-writer Beetlejuice, The Addams Family – The Writer’s Guild Journal

If you’re ready to graduate from the boy-meets-girl league of screenwriting, meet John Truby…(His course draws) epiphanies that make you see the contours of your psyche as sharply as your script.”
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Blockbuster is an ingenious and multilevel guide through the maze of story organization… way ahead of any other writing tool I know of.”
Jeff Arch, screenwriter Sleepless in Seattle

I think of all of them Truby’s the best. I actually use Blockbuster, because I think he’s really good. For my taste, his stuff cuts the deepest, and allows you to develop the most detailed structure and outline.”
Larry Wilson, screenwriter Beetlejuice, Addams Family

Truby’s Blockbuster provides a structure both to elicit and keep track of the multitude of ideas and details that emerge in transforming the first vague musings into the finished project.”
L. R. Shannon, New York Times