John Truby is a Hollywood story consultant and international screenwriting teacher. Taking his expertise and ability to teach, John founded Truby’s Writers Studio where he developed a number of teaching techniques and products geared to the professional writer.  He has also designed software for the working writer that transcends any other products available today. 

John Truby is regarded as the serious writer’s story coach and has taught his 22-Step Great Screenwriting and Genre courses to sold-out audiences in Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Sydney, Rome, Toronto, and other far-flung locales.  Over the past twenty-five years, more than 55,000 students have taken Truby’s 22-Step class and rave about the insights and direction it has given them.  According to PC Magazine, Truby is “the best script doctor in the movie industry.” 

Truby’s Writers Studio

15113 Sunset Blvd., Suite 10

Pacific Palisades, CA  90272


Office phone:  310/573-9630

Office email:  trubystudio@truby.com